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Demo case for LED bulbs (ODESA)

Referencia: 1035003   IN STOCK
Demo case for LED bulbs (ODESA)
Demo case for LED bulbs (ODESA)
Demo case for LED bulbs (ODESA)
Demo case for LED bulbs (ODESA)
Demo case for LED bulbs (ODESA)
Demo case for LED bulbs (ODESA)
329€ IVA incluido (271,90€ sin IVA)
Desde 6.95€ (24/48h) España Península, islas Baleares y Portugal
Demonstration useful briefcase with all kind of LED luminaires.It includes everything you need to transport 19 kinds of LED bulbs: PAR, MR16, GU10, E27, etc. It has an integrated 12W power supply for G4 and G53 sockets.
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    Especificaciones técnicas
    410x670x240 mm

    -Practical demo briefcase to check every kind of LED luminaires.

    -It includes everything you need to check different kinds of LED bulbs: PAR, MR16, GU10, E27, and so on.  G4 and GX5,3 screw caps have a 12V integrated power supply.

    -It includes every kind of connectors for different input and output connections.

     -It includes two consumption meters which allow you to show in a direct way the electrical current consumption and to make comparisons with conventional lighting. This VCD screen shows DC consumption. This LCD colour screen (2,4 inches) shows all kind of information about AV consumption:

    .Energy consumption 1.5W 45 ~ 65Hz
    . Measuring power 0 ~ 999.9W Power resolution 0.1W Measuring accuracy 0,5% FS
    . Input voltage 275V ~ AC2V Voltage 0.1V Accuracy 0,5% FS
    . AC actual entry 0 ~ 4A 0,001 A Current measurement exactitude 0,5% FS
    . Power factor 0 ~ 1,000 0,001 Power factor resolution 0,5% FS
    . Frequency 10.0 ~ 99.9Hz 0.1Hz Measuring accuracy frequency 0,5% FS
    . Annual electricity consumption 0 ~ 99999.9 Kwh / year Measuring accuracy,5%

    -Made of robust aluminium, it offers security, stability and professional appearance. The bottom of the briefcase is equipped with rubber feet which protect its surface. 

    -It includes wheels and extensible handle for more convenient transport. 

    -This briefcase is the most complete demo system. Dimensions: 680 x 330 x 255 mm

    Built-in connectors:

    -2x T8 LED tubes of any length (extensible cables included)

    -2x quick connector for AC220V cable

    -2x AC220V plug

    - 2x E27 connectors

    - 2x E14 connectors

    - 2x GU10 connectors

    - 2x MR16 connectors

    - 2x GU9 connectors

    - 2x G24 connectors

    - 2x B22 connectors

    - 1x AC consumption controller with LCD colour screen (2,4 inches). 

    - 1x DC consumption controller with VCD screen

    - Every power point has switch 


    - VERY IMPORTANT: -The demo case is designed to test all sorts of LED bulbs and LED luminaries. - DO NOT connect bulbs or luminaries that require ballast (fluorescent tubes, G24 conventional bulbs and so on).- The connection of luminaries, bulbs or electrical devices, which don’t fulfil the working conditions, will cause a malfunction of the energy controller. Misuse as described here WILL VOID the GUARANTEE.- The guarantee does not cover damages due to shocks, improper operation of care or accidents- DO NOT plug into the case another energy controller.

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