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Avidsen Energy controller

Referencia: 1035006   OUT OF STOCK
Avidsen Energy controller
Avidsen Energy controller
Avidsen Energy controller
Avidsen Energy controller
Avidsen Energy controller
21.95€ IVA incluido (18,14€ sin IVA)
Desde 6.95€ (24/48h) España Península, islas Baleares y Portugal
Simply plug the controller into the supply and then into the device you want to measure. You have to enter the energy price and to select the data you want to look up, then let the appliance do the rest.
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    Especificaciones técnicas

    The energy monitoring socket allows you to connect your devices and to evaluate their efficiency. The efergy energy monitoring socket displays the consumption of that appliance in watts and the costs per year. It´s a good tool used to control every electric device. Like that, you will realize the energy savings you can do. 

    You should only plug in the effergy and then the device you want to measure. You have to put the price per unit of energy, you have to choose the data you want to watch in the screen and let the effergy do the rest. 

    How does it work?  The monitor shows the accumulated consumption (in kWh) and the total cost (in Euros) since the electrical appliance is connected to the electricity controller. In this way, you will realize the consumption of every electrical appliance and you will know which works more efficient. 

    How can we save money? People usually leave different white goods on standby mode when they don´t use them such as mobile phone chargers, computers, printers or televisions. With this electricity controller, you will realize the waste of energy you cause. 

    Where can we use it? The electricity controller can be used at home and in the office. This electricity controller is very easy to use: you have to plug the electrical appliance in. 

    On-screen information:

    - Mode 1: Power (W) and total cost

    - Mode 2: Consumption (KWh) and number of days

    - Mode 3: Voltage (V) and frequency (Hz)

    - Mode 4: Current (A) and power factor

    - Mode 5: Minimum level of power

    - Mode 6: Maximum level of power

    - Mode 7: Electricity costs


    - The unit of energy cost is programmable as you like.

    - Several screens show different combination of data

    - Precision is close to 98%

    - Memory backup in an intern battery

    - Bigger screen for obtaining a better view

    - It works with batteries for greater portability

    - Use and cost registration  over time

    - Low consumption

    - New LCD with more information and a better content. 

    - Information about day and hour, cost and energy parameters

    - 7 energy parameters (W, kWh, V, A, Hz, PF %, Max)

    - Select up to 2 hourly rates

    - Check the cost per day, year and cumulative costs up to now.

    - Configure up to 5 different currencies (£, €, $, Kr, R)

    - If the EMS is powered from AC, the screen is on

    - If there aren´t any ON devices, the EMS won´t count

    -When it´s in battery mode, the device automatic turns off in 30 seconds 

    Technical specifications:

    - Model: EMS

    - Operating voltage: AC90-250V

    - Frequency range 50 - 60Hz

    - Voltage range 170 - 276V

    - Current range 0 - 16.00A

    - Maximum intensity: 16A

    - Power: 0.2 - 3680W

    - Data range 0.001 - 9999kWh

    - Electricity unit 0.00 - 99.99€/kWh

    - Weight: 198g

    - Dimensions: 158 x 70 x 65mm

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