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<b>Regalos gratis</b> en cada pedido ledthink
<b>Regalos gratis</b> en cada pedido ledthink
Customer service
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Terms of use

Shipping forms ans cost

Below you can see different shipment methods:

URGENT DELIVERY SERVICE IN SPAIN (Peninsula and Balearic islands)

Once we receive your order, if the product is in stock, it will be processed immediately and delivered within 24 to 48 hours at the address provided (Monday to Friday). You will receive by email the tracking number so you can keep track of your order through the website of the carrier agency (all orders before 12 p.m. are delivered during the day; all orders received later than 12 p.m. are ordered the following working day).

POSTAL EXPRESS IN SPAIN (Canarias, Ceuta and Melilla)

Once we receive your order, if the product is in stock, it will be processed immediately and delivered within 3 to 5 days at the address provided (Monday to Friday). There is an additional cost of 12, 84€ for the processing of the Single Administrative Document (SAD) (New normative of 20 November 2013-Correos)


Once we receive your order, if the product is in stock, it will be processed immediately and delivered within 1 to 4 days at the address provided (Monday to Friday). You will receive by email the tracking number so you can keep track of your order through the website of the carrier agency. We deliver all countries. The only variable in the price is transport. The payment methods used to dispatch goods outside Spain are Paypal and/or bank tranfer.

If you want further information about other shipping options, you can consult info@ledthink,com you will find
VAT-inclusive prices.

Payment methods

Bank Transfer: Confirm availability of ordered products

PayPal: The safest way to pay online, using PayPal or by credit card.

Sales conditions

All products supplied by us are guaranteed by the Spanish Law 23/2003 (10th of July). The seller shall be liable to the consumer for any lack of conformity which exists at the time the goods were delivered. In the case of a lack of conformity, the consumer shall be entitled to have the goods brought into conformity free of charge by repair or replacement.

The products requiring replacement or refund must be products from LedThink. Ledthink is not responsible for damage caused by unprofessional installation, improper use, handling and / or short circuits. The warranty does not cover damage caused by external factors such as increases or decreases in tension, abnormal use of the product, fire, water, lightning, accidental drops or misuse by individuals or companies not authorized by Ledthink.

We nevertheless reserve the right to study each returned product. If our technical support shows that the break has been caused by the customer, the warranty shall cease to be valid. If so, the costs for proving causality or fault will be charged to the client. All the aspect of this guarantee which do not appear in this Law 23/2003, the regime contained in the Law of Retail Trade Management 7/1996, 15th of January, shall apply.

To process a warranty of a product, please contact: info@ledthink.com and ask for instructions and authorization of RMA.
Products are available for sale until stock. Prices include VAT.
Products are available for sale until stock. Prices include VAT.

Ledthink reserves the right to change the price without prior notice, and to remove the product catalogue for any item or the introduction of new ones.

Prices are those published, except editing error, offsetting the previous.

Offerings and promotions are valid whilst exhibited on this web page.

If the receipt of the package shows some abnormality (breaking of seals or packing, distortion, and so on), you have to reflect it in the form of the carrier agency, and contact immediately with the Customer Service Department (info@ledthink.com)Any claim relating to transport and after 24 hours of receipt thereof, shall be rejected.

For any problem, please contact with Customer Service department of Ledthink. It is important, before making a return, contact with Customer Service and ask for instructions and return authorization number. All returns that have not been previously authorized and do not include authorization number will be rejected.

It is important that the returns of products make perfectly packed (no refunds will be with stickers or labels on the original packaging), complete with all original packaging, indicating the number of return authorization will provide them and attach copy of the invoice. The costs of returns will be provided by the customer.

We only accept the return and refund the amount of the product if it is undamaged and in perfect condition.

Once received the items in our stores and found that above conditions are met, we will proceed to refund the amount. Receive a refund of the amount in the same way you made the payment. Shipping charges will not be refunded.

Sale transactions shall be construed formalized in the address of the seller.

Until the buyer has not paid in full the amount due for the supplied goods, these will be held by the seller.

For any divergence that arises from this contract both sides expressly agree to be subject to the decision or litigation proposed, through the institutional arbitration of "Camara de Comercio de Salamanca".

Filling out and sending the forms with your personal information implies acceptance of these Sales Terms and Conditions.

The cost of manipulation and shipment will be for account of the client and they will come in invoice. 

The products acquired should be credited after carrying out the ORDER, by means of some of the media of payment selected. 

Delivery times depend on availability of stock and of the destination country. In any case, the time-limit runs from the moment that Ledthink receives the payment of the amount. 

The delivery time is estimated and it will depend of the form of sending selected. 

The customer may partially cancel the order whenever the goods haven't been sent. If the goods have been sent, the customer will take charge of the complete order, and then the client may make use of the mechanism of the application for replacement or refund, detailed in the Sales Conditions. 

When an order is sent to its destination, an invoice will be generated and sent to the client. The conformity of the user in the transport document of delivery implies the renunciation to any type of claim or denounces with respect to the merchandise asked and received. 

The guarantees of the products are the established by the manufacturers, being in every case who would respond of the possible failures or defects of the products supplied, as well as of the possible consequences of the same. The client remains obliged by the terms and conditions specified in the guarantees of the manufacturers. The guarantee applies whenever the product is used under the normal conditions of specific exploitation by the manufacturers. The guarantee takes effect from the date of purchase that is detailed on the invoice and only covers the cost of repairing or replacing the product, excluding all the shipping cost. Ledthink will be not responsible for the loss or damage to the goods during transport.

 To verify that the lack of conformity hasn´t been produced by an inappropriate handling by the customers (power surges), an objective and expert exam will be required in order to establish the cause of the malfunction or the reasons for non-conformity. 

Defects and damage caused by external facts will be excluded from any guarantee such as accidents, breaks, drops, cracks, wear, super voltage... It also excludes products repaired or modified by customer or any person not authorized by Ledthink. 

The customer should be liable for data or information in the material. Likewise, the guarantee does not cover hidden faults and/or manufacturing faults, in conformity with the art. 1490  of the Spanish Civil Code.

Ledthink is not obliged to indemnify the user or third-part people for the consequences of the product use, being direct or indirect damaged, accidents suffered by people. Damages of others stuff, losses of profits or gain cease, damages coming from deterioration or data losses. Ledthink will not be responsible in any way of possible failures or defects that could have the products. It´s the manufacturer who will answer to the damages in the products provided by means of its guarantee. Ledthink is not responsible of possible misprints o r content errors in the product specifications, that can be produced occasionally and, in the same way the prices, these specifications can change without prior warning. Moreover, the photos of the products are just indicative, not binding.  

The trademarks and logos appearing on this website are trademarks of LedThink and third, both registered as unregistered, and cannot be used in any advertising or other publicity materials relating to the distribution of any information or content extracted from this website without the prior written consent of the owner of the mark. The present general sales conditions, as well as contracts signed, are governed by the applicable law. Any dispute concerning the interpretation or enforcement of the general sales conditions and all contracts signed with a client will be under the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of Salamanca.

In case of returns by companies/ wholesaler
No returns will be allowed since there is no law governing the rights of return between companies and those procedures are regulated under the conditions of each company. These conditions do not cancel the guarantee or replacement of defective products. Companies: users who buy, stock up, use or consume our goods or services, in order to integrate them into their production, processing, marketing or provide third parties don´t have the status of consumers.