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T8 LED Tube, 22W, 150cm, Bakery, Warm White

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T8 LED Tube, 22W, 150cm, Bakery, Warm White
T8 LED Tube, 22W, 150cm, Bakery, Warm White
T8 LED Tube, 22W, 150cm, Bakery
T8 LED Tube, 22W, 150cm, Bakery
15.95€ IVA incluido (13,18€ sin IVA)
Desde 6.95€ (24/48h) España Península, islas Baleares y Portugal
Power - 22W
Beam angle - 120º
Colour temperature - 2700K
Lumen flux - 1650lm
Tube led warm golden light that enhances the appearance of bread and bakery products, conveying the feeling reciñen out of the oven. They replace current fluorescent tubes by saving up to 50% energy and by reducing maintenance costs because they don´t need either reactance or starter. Led tubes offer a higher quality of light (brighter), they don´t blink, they don´t emit UV radiation and they turn on immediatly. Easy to install, they require no maintenance, ensuring durability.
22W, Warm White
22W, Warm White
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    Especificaciones técnicas
    22 W
    26x26x1500 mm
    > 50.000 h
    Lumen flux
    Beam angle
    120 º
    Light colour
    Warm White

    Lighting strongly influences the presentation of products, and studies indicate consumption, color is the most important to the customer when you decide to purchase attribute. If natural colors are highlighted, the product exhibits a fresh and suggestive image. Surveys indicate that more than a third of the products purchased from self-service counters is bought on impulse simply because they look attractive.

    Proper lighting creates an atmosphere that encourages customers to buy and shows the best side of products. Enhances color and naturalness of food.

    Delicious pastries fresh from the oven also teaches your best image with bells with specially designed lighting to show the golden tones.

    Besides the fact that it reduces energy consumption, several specific studies guarantee the food preservation. This means an increase in the lifespan of commercialized products.

    What are the advantages of LED tubes?

    The main advantage is energy savings: a conventional tube needs a ballast whose consumption ranged between 3 and 8 watts. Another advantage is the savings on maintenance since LED tube doesn´t need ballasts or starters.

    The amortization time depends on several factors: number of “ON” hours, days, hourly discrimination tariff. We offer to you a personal advice.

    Lifespan: LED tubes can last up to 50.000 hours, on the contrary, fluorescent tubes can last up 10.000 hours.

    Resistance: The LED tubes can withstand potential socks or vibrations. In fact, they are removable and reparable.

    Consumption: The LED tubes consume up to 50% less energy than conventional tubes. A 600mm-18W normal tube with starter and ballast can consume twice the amount of nominal power due to ballast.  That´s to say, a normal tube consumes 36W and a LED tube only consumes 8 or 12W. 

    Starts: LED tubes can start instantaneously and their lifespan isn´t affected. Nevertheless, a fluorescent tube takes a little longer to light and the number of turning on sequences affects its lifespan. 

    Environment: LED tubes work without gases. On the contrary, fluorescent tubes are made with mercury vapour which is very dangerous for your health and for the environment. 

    Installation Instructions:

    Step 1: Disconnect the electric power.

    Step 2: Remove the conventional fluorescent tube.

    Step 3: Unscrew and remove the starter, then disconnect the wires from the ballast.

    Step 4: Connect one end of the phase and neutral tube at the other end of the tube.

    Step 5: Place the new tube and connect the electric power.

    Where is it convenient to install LED tubes?It is convenient to install them in continuously lit area: in car parks, hotels, universities, schools, offices and commercial centres. 

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